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Subscription Identifiers
Specifying Subscription IDs
Obtaining Subscription Identifiers
Generating Subscription Identifiers
The webMethods Broker library allows you to associate an arbitrary value, called a subscription identifier, with an event subscription. You can use subscription identifiers to quickly determine how a retrieved event is to be processed. You may also find it helpful to use subscription identifiers if your application plans to use the callback model for retrieving and processing events. The callback model is described in Using the Callback Model.
Subscription IDs do not uniquely identify a particular subscription, so you can create different subscriptions and with the same subscription ID.
You cannot register the same subscription with more than one subscription ID. This means that if you register a particular subscription for a Broker client and assign it a subscription ID of 1, any attempt to register the same subscription with a different subscription ID will be ignored. See Uniqueness of Subscriptions for more information on what differentiates one subscription from another.