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Event Subscriptions
Limits on Subscriptions
Subscribing to Events
Canceling a Subscription
Using Wildcards
In order for your application to be able to receive and process events, it must first create a BrokerClient. Then, any event that is permitted by the client group to which the BrokerClient belongs can be retrieved by your application.
You do not have to register any event subscriptions to receive a delivered event. For more information on delivering events, see Delivering Events.
To receive published events, your application must first use the BrokerClient to subscribe to the event types that it wants to receive. Event subscriptions are always made within the context of a particular BrokerClient object.
Event types are defined with Software AG Designer, described in the Software AG Designer Online Help . Note that event types are known as document types in Designer and other webMethods components.
A single BrokerClient can make multiple subscription requests, so subscriptions are distinguished by the unique combination of the event type name and an optional filter string. Filters, covered in Using Event Filters, allow you to receive only those events that contain certain data in which you are interested. If a BrokerClient requires two subscriptions for the same event type name, a different filter string must be specified for each subscription.
You can use the BrokerClient.getSubscriptions method to obtain the names of all the open subscriptions for a Broker client.