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SSL Authorization and Access Control Lists
An Access Control List (ACL) is a list of SSL distinguished names (DNs) that is attached to a Broker object (client group, Broker Server, territory, territory gateway, cluster, cluster gateway) representing an access point. It grants permission for clients on the list to access the SSL-protected Broker object. To gain access to a Broker, a client must have an identity (distinguished name and authenticator's distinguished name) that matches an entry on the ACL. Clients whose DNs do not match those on the ACL are denied authorization.
There are several different types of ACL. ACLs authorize clients for:
*Administrative access to a Broker Server
*Membership in a client group
*Permission to access data over specified Broker gateways and territories
You can configure ACLs only if you are a Broker administrator. Administering webMethods Broker explains how to configure the various types of ACL.