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Encrypting Data
For Broker, the SSL encryption setting refers to the optional encrypting of the data traffic between a messaging client and the Broker Server. SSL encryption is separate from SSL authentication. You can turn on SSL data encryption with or without configuring SSL authentication.
Encrypting the data traffic provides a high level of security. Typically, you would consider using encryption when:
*The data traffic contains sensitive data.
*The network is susceptible to packet sniffing done for malicious purposes.
If the data stays within your corporate LAN and the network uses switches rather than hubs, the risk of a security breach is low, and encryption may not be necessary.
If the data travels over a WAN or the Internet (for example, Broker clients to a Broker in a DMZ, or Broker-to-Broker over the Internet), encryption may be a worthwhile security precaution. Of course, if the data is extremely sensitive, then encryption should be added to the security model, whatever the environment.
For more information about using SSL encryption with the Broker Server, see Administering webMethods Broker .