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Securing C# Clients with SSL
You use Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and the Certificates Snap-In to configure and manage SSL for a C# client. When using MMC to configure SSL:
*Open MMC, select File > Add/Remove Snap-In, then Add the Certificates.
*Make sure to select the Client Authentication property of the Client Certificate.
*Import the trusted root for the C# client certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder.
*Check the client and trusted root certificates to make sure that they have not expired.
*Assign a name value to the certificate's friendly name if it is empty. When a connection is created, this alias will be used by the connection factory.
Use the Friendly Name as the client certificate DN in your C# client connection code.
For more information on MMC, and on configuring SSL for Windows objects, refer to your Windows OS documentation.