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Default Acknowledgment
The following function calls will automatically acknowledge all previously retrieved events for your receiving Broker client, effectively ignoring sequence numbers:
* awGetEvent
* awGetEvents
This default behavior avoids the loss of events from the event queue in cases where your application crashes while processing an event, because the event is not acknowledged until the next time your Broker client requests an event. The next time your Broker client requests an event, the Broker will assume the last retrieved event has already been processed.
Your Broker client can acknowledge the received event by either asking for another event, using the same function call, or by explicitly calling awAcknowledge. A Broker client that is implicitly acknowledging events would normally call awAcknowledge only if it was planning to exit and wanted to acknowledge all previously received events without actually receiving any more events.
Before exiting, Broker clients with an explicit-destroy life cycle that are using awGetEvent or awGetEvents with implicit acknowledgment should explicitly acknowledge the receipt sequence number of the last event received using either awAcknowledge or awAcknowledgeThrough. Failure to do so will result in the last event being received again the next time you connect the Broker client.