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ACLs and Migration Issues
Because of the changes to certificate files and their usage, ACLs cannot be migrated from earlier versions of webMethods Broker to 7.1. You cannot import version 6.x ACL information into 7.1; you need to reconstruct the ACLs from scratch.
When previous version 6.x storage is used with the Broker 7.1 executable, and the storage contains Broker Server SSL identity and ACL information, the version 7.1 Broker will not be able to use the SSL information already in storage. You must establish a new version 7.1 keystore infrastructure for the Broker Server and reconfigure the Broker Server SSL identity using information from the new keystores. After establishing the SSL identity for the Broker Server, you need to manually remove the old DNs that contain "EM" as an attribute from the ACLs, and replace them with "Email=xxx" using the new keystore infrastructure.