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Access Control Lists
Authenticator vs. User ACLs
How User Rights Are Granted
Client Group ACLs
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Broker Server ACLs
Territory ACLs
Cluster ACLs
Territory Gateway ACLs
Cluster Gateway ACLs
Configuring Access Control Lists
You configure ACLs through the Broker user interface and enable them for the Broker object for which you want to specify permissions.
Before configuring ACLs, you must do at least one of the following:
*For basic authentication, configure the user names of the clients you want to grant authorization.
*For SSL authentication, configure the keystores containing trusted roots for the clients you want to grant authorization.
For a client to access a Broker object protected by an ACL, the client must have a basic authentication identity or an SSL identity listed in the corresponding ACL.
Anonymous clients (those clients connecting to the Broker Server through the non-SSL port, or the one-way SSL authentication port without the basic authentication credentials) cannot access Broker objects protected by ACLs.
The procedures for configuring and managing ACLs are covered in Configuring Access Control Lists.