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Configuring SSL for Clients
You use OpenSSL or your certificate editing tool to create and manage the keystores and truststores for clients. However, you must use the client application to establish its SSL identity. You do not use My webMethods to configure SSL for Broker clients.
If you want to add a new client and enable SSL authentication for that client, and the trusted root of the client is different than that of the Broker Server, make sure to add the client's trusted root to the Broker Server truststore. If you do not, the client cannot be authenticated.
You can find information about configuring clients for SSL in the following locations:
For these clients...
Look in...
The appropriate adapter documentation, in the section on configuring the adapter.
Client applications
The appropriate API manual for the client.
Integration Servers
webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.
Command-line utilities
webMethods Broker Command-Line Utilities and the "JMSAdmin Command Reference" chapter in the webMethods Broker Messaging Programmer’s Guide.
If an SSL connection between Broker and a client identified by an SSL DN is broken, then that client must reconnect with the same SSL identity used in its previous connection.