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Modifying Keystores and Truststores
You may need to modify a keystore or truststore that has already been loaded into the Broker user interface. To do so, you do the following:
*Download the keystore or truststore to your local machine.
*Modify the file using OpenSSL or your certificate editor.
*Reload the modified certificate file back into the Broker user interface.
*To download, modify, and reload a keystore (truststore)
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Settings > SSL Keystore (SSL Truststore).
2. Click Download Keystore (Download Truststore).
3. On the Download Keystore (Download Truststore) panel, click Keystore Name (Truststore Name) and select the keystore (truststore) from the list.
4. Click Download.
5. Save the keystore (truststore) file.
6. Edit the keystore (truststore) using a certificate editor.
For more information, see Managing Certificate Files with OpenSSL.
7. Reload the keystore (truststore) into the Broker user interface.