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Authentication Identities
A key concept of the Broker security model is that of an identity. An identity represents the credentials of any entity requesting authentication or authorization within a Broker installation.
*For basic authentication, an identity is composed of user name authenticated by the alias (authentication system such as LDAP and ADSI) configured in the basicauth.cfg file.
For more information see Basic Authentication Configuration File and Configuring Basic Authentication Identity for a Broker Server .
*For SSL authentication, an identity is composed of SSL user DN and the SSL issuer DN.
For information about assigning SSL identity, see Assigning SSL Identities for a Broker Server .
An entity can be:
*A Broker Server
*The Broker user interface (or Broker admin components)
*Java, JMS, and C# client programs attempting to access the Broker
To fully implement the Broker security model, all of the above must be assigned identities.