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Enabling Basic Authentication
You must enable basic authentication on Broker, if you want Broker to authenticate Broker clients using the basic authentication credentials (user name and password).
*To enable basic authentication on Broker
1. Set up a user authentication system. Broker authenticates the users against this user directory. Users can be defined in one or more of the following authentication system:
*Operating system
Note:Broker does not handle administrative tasks such as changing passwords, creating, deleting, or modifying users.
2. Configure the authentication mechanism by specifying the configuration parameters for the authentication systems (for example, LDAP and ADSI) in the basic authentication configuration (basicauth.cfg ) file.
3. Configure the basic authentication property in the awbroker.cfg file to point to the basicauth.cfg file, if it is not already set. For example, set basic-auth-cfg-file=webMethods Broker_directory\data\awbrokersversion\default\basicauth.cfg.