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Setting Encryption
The BrokerConnectionDescriptor.setSSLEncrypted method allows you to encrypt the data traffic from a Java client to the Broker Server after SSL authentication has taken place.
When a BrokerConnectionDescriptor object is created, by default, its encryption flag is set to true.
To control whether to use data encryption, invoke the setSSLEncrypted method on the BrokerConnectionDescriptor object before creating your Broker client. Use a setting of true to enable encryption, and false to disable encryption, as shown in the example below (the "on" setting is commented out):
/* Configure encryption */
try {
connectionDescriptor.setSSLEncrypted( false ); // Encryption = OFF
// connectionDescriptor.setSSLEncrypted( true ); // Encryption = ON
catch (BrokerException ex) {
System.out.println(“Error on setSSLEncrypted.\n”+ex);