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Securing Client Groups
A client application that participates in the authentication process must still be granted authorization to access specific document types. Assigning individual clients to client groups with particular sets of access permissions accomplishes that purpose. For example, you may want to retain a document type, such as "expenses," that is only accessible to clients belonging to the Broker client group "finance."
For information about securing the client groups, see Client Group ACLs.
For SSL authentication, you create SSL identities for clients that connect to the Broker Server in the same manner as you create identities for Broker Servers and the Broker user interface. However, you do not use the Broker user interface to manage the SSL identities of your client applications; these identities do not appear in the Broker user interface. You can only manage client identities through administrative tools of the client application, or through administrative tools that are compatible with the file format of the client's keystore and truststore files.