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Binding the Administered Objects to JNDI
The JMSAdmin commands for configuring JNDI and binding the connection factories and the destinations to a JNDI context follow the same basic pattern as those used in the basic example in Administrative Setup Commands.
When binding the connection factories for the server and requestor applications, use the optional with keyword with the group parameter to create their respective Broker client groups. Creating client groups on the Broker is necessary so that access permissions can subsequently be granted to the groups.
bind cf myServerFactory with group=myServerGroup
bind cf myRequestorFactory with group=myRequestorGroup
Note how the bind commands are issued for a generic connection factory object, which corresponds to the use of generic connection factory objects specified in the server-requestor application code (that is, the type of factories are resolved at run time).
The following bind commands create a JNDI context for the topics (customer request messages), and one for the queue object on the server, which will receive an administrator shutdown command from the admin client.
bind topic customerSample with topicName=JMSSamples::requestMessage
bind queue myAdminQueue with queueName=myServerAdminQueue