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Administrative Setup Commands
Binding the Administered Objects to JNDI
Creating the Administered Objects
Assigning Group Permissions
Following are the JMSAdmin commands needed (using generalized labels to identify command parameters) to set up the server and requestor applications.
jmsadmin -p
bind cf <serverFactory> with group=<serverGroup>
bind cf <requestorFactory> with group=<requestorGroup>
bind topic <requestTopic> with topicName=<requestTopicEventType>
bind queue <serverAdmin> with queueName=<serverAdminQueue>
create group <serverGroup>
create group <requestorGroup>
create group <serverAdminGroup>
create topic for <requestTopic>
create queue for <serverAdmin> using <serverFactory>
permit group <serverGroup> to send JMS::Temporary::Queue
permit group <requestorGroup> to receive queue JMS::Temporary::Queue
permit group <serverGroup> to subscribe <requestTopicEventType>
permit group <requestorGroup> to publish <requestTopicEventType>
permit group <serverGroup> to receive queue <serverAdminQueue>
permit group <serverAdminGroup> to send to queue <serverAdminQueue>