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Running the Broker Storage Utility in Check Mode
Use the following procedure to run the Broker Storage Utility in check mode. In this mode, the utility will report inconsistencies in the queue storage system but will not attempt to reconcile them.
*To run the Broker Storage Utility in check mode
1. Stop the Broker Server and navigate to the following directory:

webMethods Broker_directory/bin
2. Run the following command to start the utility:
server_qsck check dataDir [-p phaseNum] [-v]
where dataDir is the path to the Broker Server's data directory (if you want the utility to operate on the original queue storage files) or the directory that contains a complete copy of the queue storage system (if you want it to operate on a copy of the files). For more information about running the utility on a copy of queue storage, see Files on which the Utility Operates.
If you want to...
Specify the phase through which you want to perform the check. For example, if you want the utility to perform phases one and two, set this flag to 2. If omitted, all phases are performed.
Enable verbose mode, which displays informational messages and identifies the object on which the utility is operating. If omitted, only error messages and inconsistencies are displayed.
For example:
server_qsck check /var/opt/webmethods/awbrokersversion/myBroker -p 1 -v
For additional information about the syntax for the "server_qsck" command, see server_qsck Command Reference.