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Processing Phases
In both processing modes, the Broker Storage Utility processes the storage files in three phases.
*During phase one, the utility checks the lowest level aspects of storage and ensures that the storage system is transactionally consistent (that is, that storage updates are applied as logical units of work). It also checks queue storage for missing or corrupt log and/or storage files.
*During phase two, the utility verifies that the mapping of the Broker's hierarchical data model to physical storage is intact and contains no inconsistencies. During this phase it verifies that the Broker Server contains logical Brokers, which in turn contain lists of clients, client groups, and document types. The utility does not examine queue storage for these individual objects or inspect the detailed contents of client queues.
*During phase three, the utility verifies that Broker's metadata is sufficiently consistent to allow the Broker to start properly. Items that the utility examines during this phase include, but are not limited to, metadata about clients, client groups, document types, and shared territory information. In fix mode, the utility removes items that are beyond repair.
The utility advances to the next phase only if it completes the current phase successfully. For example, if you run the utility in check mode and it encounters inconsistencies during phase one, the utility reports the inconsistencies and exits. You must resolve the inconsistencies in phase one before the utility will proceed to phase two.