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server_qsck fix
Checks the storage files for inconsistencies and reconciles any inconsistencies that it finds.
Make a copy of the storage system files before you use this command. Run the utility on the copies instead of the original files. If the utility is not able to resolve the issues with your storage files, you will need to have the original, unmodified files if you contact Software AG Global Support.
server_qsck fix copyDir [-a] [-p phaseNum]

The fully qualified path to the directory that contains a copy of the queue storage files. See Files on which the Utility Operates for information about creating this directory.
Enables ask mode. In this mode, the utility prompts you before it reconciles an inconsistency. If omitted, the utility automatically reconciles inconsistencies.
Specifies the phase through which you want to perform the check, where phaseNum specifies the phase as follows:
*1-Checks whether the underlying data files are consistent.
*2-Checks whether the layer interfacing the Broker to the data files is consistent.
*3-Checks whether the basic metadata in the Broker is consistent.
If this flag is omitted, all three processing phases are performed.
For more information about processing phases, see Processing Phases.
Enables verbose mode. This mode displays informational messages and identifies the object on which the utility is operating. If omitted, only error messages and inconsistency messages are displayed.
server_qsck fix /var/opt/webMethods/awbrokersversion/myBrokerCopy -a -v