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Client Queue Browser
Using Client Queue Browser
webMethods Broker Java API 5.x and 6.1 provided the queue manipulation API with a limited ability to manipulate the contents of a client queue. In webMethods Broker Java API 6.5 and later, the queue manipulation API is replaced with the client queue browser API, which supports queue management in a much more robust manner. The following are the key differences between the new queue browser and the former queue manipulation feature.
The client queue browser supports three distinct modes of operation:
1. A client can inspect its own queue contents without requiring any administrative privileges.
2. An administrative client can inspect a client queue without acquiring the client's queue lock.
3. An administrative client can acquire a queue lock and perform an "in-place" replacement of documents in the locked queue, in addition to the usual insert, delete and browse operations.
You can perform four operations with the queue browser. Note that you can only perform the last three operations on a locked queue.
1. The browse operation to return queued documents, including the documents that have been retrieved but are not yet acknowledged (i.e., "unacknowledged") documents. You can apply filtering on browse operations.
2. The insert operation to add documents to either the head or tail of a locked queue.
3. The delete operation to delete documents based on their receipt sequence numbers.
4. The modify operation to replace documents "in-place" based on their receipt sequence numbers.