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Filters on a Queue Browser
Setting a Single Filter on Queue Browser
Setting Multiple Filters on Queue Browser
Resetting Filters on Queue Browser
Viewing Currently Set Filters on Queue Browser
You can set and reset filters on a queue browser at any time during the lifetime of the queue browser. A browse operation will return only the documents that satisfy the filters, if any are set on the browser.
For example, the queue myQ has 10 documents and 3 contain the string "Hello webMethods!". When a filter for the string "Hello" is applied to myQ, all subsequent browse operations will return only on the three documents containing "Hello webMethods!".
Note that queue browser filters are applicable only to the browse operation and not other queue browser operations, such as insert or delete operations. One or more filters can be set at any time during the queue browsing session. Use BrokerFilterDescriptor object to describe filters.
The following APIs are provided for setting filters on a queue browser.