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When a connection is interrupted either by a Broker Server failing to respond or a downed network connection, the transaction between the publishers and non-durable subscribers and the Broker Server is stopped and data may be lost.
The publisher reconnect feature enables publishers and non-durable subscribers to automatically connect to an available Broker Server and continue operations if the connection with its original Broker Server fails.
When the reconnect feature is enabled and a connection is disrupted, the publisher reconnect method restores the connection by connecting the publishers and non-durable subscribers to the next available Broker Server specified in the Broker list. The Broker list is a pool of Broker Servers in your webMethods Broker environment to which the system can connect in the event a connection is disrupted or lost.
When you define the Broker list, the reconnect feature becomes enabled. You can also set the order in which a Broker Server is selected from the Broker list. For information about defining the Broker list and setting the connection order, see Enabling Publisher Reconnect.