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Broker Server
Broker Server is the container within which one or more Brokers reside. A Broker Server performs the communication-related work of receiving client requests, dispatching requests to the requested resource (which in this case, is a Broker), and returning responses to clients. It also manages memory and disk resources for all the Brokers that reside on it.
As an administrator, you will configure port assignments and security settings, specify memory settings, and allocate queue storage for a Broker Server. Generally, you have one Broker Server in a webMethods Broker environment, however, you can run multiple Broker Servers in the same webMethods Broker environment if you choose. If you do this, each Broker Server instance must have its own port and its own queue storage files.
The following depicts the key elements associated with a Broker Server.
Elements Associated with a Broker Server
For information about configuring and managing Broker Servers, see Managing Broker Servers.