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Activity and Trace Events
Activity Events
Trace Events
The webMethods Broker system provides two sets of events that provide information about changes in a Broker; activity events and trace events. Activity events describe changes in a Brokers clients, client groups, event types, and territory affiliation. Trace events provide information about the enqueuing, publishing, and forwarding of events performed by a Broker. Administrative tools or clients that dynamically adapt to changes in a Broker's configuration are two examples of applications that may want to subscribe to these events.
Each of the activity and trace event types described in this section are only published by a Broker if at least one client has subscribed to that event type. Any client with the necessary permissions may subscribe to these events and some of them can degrade the performance of your system, so you may want to consider restricting non-administrative applications from subscribing to them.
An activity or trace event can only be received by a Broker client connected to the Broker which published the event. Activity and trace events are local and will never be forwarded to another Broker. Furthermore, activity traces cannot be subscribed to using a wildcard subscription. See the webMethods Broker Client Java API Programmer’s Guide for information on subscriptions and wildcards.
For information on configuring event subscription permissions, see Administering webMethods Broker .
Events are known as documents in Administering webMethods Broker .