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WmBrokerEventWrapper is an abstract class whose methods create a wrapper for a brokerEvent, which is the native Broker object that the marshalling routines have been populating. (The class is defined as abstract so that it is not instantiated directly.) An object containing the wrapped brokerEvent is returned. If null is returned, the original (non-marshalled) message will be sent.
A JMS message originally set to be published cannot be changed to be delivered without supplying a Broker client name. That is the purpose of using setDestinationID(), which allows a Broker client name to be entered as the destination. Do not use setDestinationID() if the brokerEvent is to be published rather than delivered.
If getDestinationID() has been set, it returns the name of the Broker client to which the event will be delivered.
WmBrokerEventWrapper throws an exception if the Broker Java API classes cannot be found.