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Creating Territories
Use the following procedure to create territories.
*To create a territory
1. In My webMethods: Messaging >  Broker  Territories >  Broker s.
2. Click Add Territory.
3. In Territory Name, type a name for the territory.
*The name you choose must be unique among all territories that will be connected using gateways.
We recommend that you assign unique names to territories even if you do not plan to connect them using a gateway. Doing this will ensure that you can easily distinguish one territory from another in My webMethods.
*The name cannot contain the following characters:
@ / :
*The first character must not be #.
*The name cannot exceed 255 characters.
Example: OrderSys 01
4. Use the following steps to select one of the Brokers that will participate in this territory:
a. In the Broker Server field, select the Broker Server that hosts the Broker.
b. Use the Selected Broker s controls to specify the Brokers that you want to add.
Only Brokers that are not already members of another territory appear in the Available list. If the Broker that you want to add to the territory does not appear in this list, check whether it is already a member of another territory.
5. Click OK.
6. If you want to assign an ACL to this territory so that only authorized Brokers can join it, perform the procedures in About Controlling Which Brokers Can Join a Territory. (All Broker Servers in the territory will need to be SSL-enabled to use this feature. For information about SSL-enabling a Broker Server, see Configuring SSL for Broker Server .)
7. Use the procedure in Adding Brokers to a Territory to add Brokers from other Broker Servers to the territory.