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Broker Server Security Configurations
Retrieving and Setting Broker Server Security Configurations
Retrieving and Setting Broker Server ACLs
A Broker Server's security configuration is used to control the Broker Server's identity, which is how the Broker Server is authenticated by the Broker clients that connect to them. The security configuration with which a Broker Server was started is called its active configuration. An administrative client application may change a Broker Server's saved security configuration, but that configuration will not take effect until the next time the Broker Server is started. A Broker Server's active and saved configurations may be identical or they may be different, depending on whether or not the configuration has been changed since the Broker Server was started.
The BrokerConnectionDescriptor class contains the basic authentication user name and password information.
The BrokerSSLConfigV2 class contains the following SSL information:
*The names of the Broker Server's keystore and trust store files, and the password for accessing the keystore.
*The trusted root of the certificate authority that issued the Broker Server's certificate.
*The type of the SSL CRL file used by the SSL configuration and the path to the CRL file.
See Administering webMethods Broker for complete information on the use of keystore files, trust store files, and the information needed to configure SSL.
The BrokerSSLConfigV2 class only works with Broker Server version 7.1 and above; the related class, BrokerSSLConfig, only works with Broker Servers of version 6.5.2 and below.