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Getting and Setting Names
The BrokerAccessControlList class offers methods for obtaining and setting the user lists. This lists represent the entities that are allowed access to the resource associated with this BrokerAccessControlList object.
*You can use the BrokerAccessControlList.getUserNames method to obtain all the basic authentication user names or SSL user names.
*The BrokerAccessControlList.getUserNameState method can be used to determine if the specifies user is currently in the list.
*The BrokerAccessControlList.setUserNames method can be used to set all the basic authentication user names or SSL user names.
*You can use the BrokerAccessControlList.setUserNameState method to add or remove a basic authentication user or SSL user. You must provide a user name and a boolean indicator signifying whether or not the name is allowed.
*The BrokerAccessControlList.setUserNameStates method allows you to add or remove several basic authentication users or SSL users with a single method invocation.