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Obtaining Security Information for Client Sessions
You can determine which Broker client sessions are using basic authentication or SSL by following these steps:
1. Use the BrokerAdminClient.getClientInfoById or getClientInfosById method to obtain a BrokerClientInfo object for the particular Broker client in which you are interested.
2. Examine each BrokerClientSession object contained in the BrokerClientInfo.sessions data member.
3. Examine the BrokerClientSession.encrypt_level and encrypt_version data members to determine if SSL is being used. If SSL authentication is being used without encryption, then these data members will not be set. Note that BrokerClientSession.encrypt_level is deprecated.
4. Examine the BrokerClientSession.ssl_certificate data member to determine the Broker client's DN. While a Broker must always authenticate itself to a Broker client, the client is not required to authenticate itself to Broker. This data member will not be set under those circumstances.