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Territory Information
You can use the BrokerCompleteTerritory class to hold information about a territory of Brokers. For more information about territories, see Managing Broker Territories.
The following information is stored for territory:
*Territory's Access Control List
*Names of the Brokers that belong to the territory
*BrokerTerritoryInfo, which contains a variety of information on the gateway, including its name, authentication type, and encryption level
The following table shows the methods offered by the BrokerCompleteTerritory class.
Refreshes this object's data members, using the specified administrative Broker client. Any information the Broker client does not have permission to access will not be set.
Returns a BrokerCompleteTerritory object initialized using the specified administrative Broker client.
Stores the information contained in this object into the Broker.
Returns a string of ADL that describes the information contained in this object.
Writes the contents of this collection, usually to a file, in ADL format.