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Client Information
You can use the BrokerCompleteClient class to hold information about a particular Broker client. The following information is stored for the Broker client:
*BrokerClientInfo for the Broker client
*Broker client's infoset
*Broker client's event subscription list
*An indication of whether or not the Broker client's event subscription list should be overwritten when the store method is invoked.
The following table shows the methods offered by the BrokerCompleteClient class.
Refreshes this object's data members, using the specified administrative Broker client. Any information the Broker client does not have permission to access will not be set.
Returns a BrokerCompleteClient object initialized using the specified administrative Broker client.
Stores most of the information contained in this object into the Broker client.
Returns a string of ADL that describes the information contained in this object.
Writes the contents of this collection, usually to a file, in ADL format.