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JMS Connections
The Broker implementation of a ConnectionFactory object captures the information required to create a connection or reconnect to a Broker on the target Broker Server. The JMS connection object is a collection of property settings defining the parameters of this connection. The implementation holds the network socket connection with the connection object created by the JMS client program.
For each JMS connection object, there is one network socket connection established with the target Broker Server. Message consumers and producers created using the same JMS connection factory share the same socket connection. A Broker client is created on the Broker Server to hold this socket connection. Message producers created from the same connection object use this same "base" Broker client to send or publish messages.
All clients created for subscribers on the same connection belong to the same client group, which is defined in the ConnectionFactory object for the connection. It is also the client group for the base Broker client. Note that you cannot override this client group setting.