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Modifying Connection Factories
Use the following procedure to modify a connection factory.
*To modify a connection factory
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Naming Directories > Connection Factories.
2. In the Search tab, filter the list of connection factories by selecting the appropriate Provider Name and Type.
3. Locate the Lookup Name of the connection factory you want to modify, and then click its edit icon (last column of the table).
4. The Edit Connection Factory page is displayed (see Adding Connection Factories for a description of the properties).
You can modify the settings for Connection Factory Client ID, Broker Server, Broker, Use SSL Encryption, Use Remote SSL Files, SSL Keystore, and SSL Truststore.
If you modify the Connection Factory Client ID, new clients created from this connection factory will use the new client ID; however, existing clients will retain the former client ID.
5. Click OK.