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Message Consumer
Message consumers belonging to the same JMS connection share the same network socket connection to the Broker (held by the Broker client). Each message consumer has a corresponding Broker client on the Broker Server. Message consumers that connect to a shared-state Broker client are client sessions on that Broker client.
*If the message consumer's destination is a topic, a corresponding Broker client will be created on the Broker Server for that message consumer. That Broker client will subscribe to the Broker document type that has the same name as the JMS topic. If the message consumer defines a message selector, that message selector is translated to a Broker message filter and registered with the Broker client.
If the message consumer is a durable subscriber, the base Broker client must have a clientID (see JMS Connections and Durable Subscribers).
*If the message consumer's destination is a queue, the message consumer will be connected to a guaranteed Broker client (representing the JMS queue) on the Broker Server. If the queue defines a message selector, the message selector is translated to a Broker message filter and handed to the Broker client for evaluation when retrieving messages from the Broker client queue.
If the JMS message queue is defined as shared-state (represented by a shared-state Broker client), then multiple queue receivers can connect to it to retrieve messages. Each receiver will appear as a client session connecting to the shared-state Broker client, and each message is given only to one receiver.