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Configuring and Controlling Territory Gateway Behavior
You can use My webMethods to configure and control the following territory gateway behavior:
*Pausing and Resuming a Territory Gateway. The pause and resume controls enable you to halt the flow of outbound traffic from a territory gateway to the remote territory. For more information about these using controls, see Pausing and Resuming a Territory Gateway
*Configuring the Keep-Alive Setting.The keep-alive setting instructs the territory gateway to issue periodic "keep-alive" messages to the remote territory. You use this option if the territory gateway connects through a firewall that automatically drops connections that are idle for an extended period. For more information about using the keep-alive feature, see Preventing Connection Timeouts between Territories.
*Configuring the Forwarding Mode. The forwarding mode determines how a territory gateway maintains the subscription list for the remote territory. For more information about specifying the forwarding mode, see Configuring the Forwarding Mode.
*Blocking Document Type Updates. By default, any document type that territories are permitted to exchange is automatically synchronized if either territory makes a change to that document type. You can use the "refuse update" option to suppress this behavior on one or both territory gateways. For information about blocking updates, see Refusing Document-Type Updates.