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Configuring the Forwarding Mode
A territory gateway maintains a subscription list that identifies the types of documents the remote territory wants to receive. This subscription list tells the territory gateway which documents it needs to forward to the remote territory. The forwarding mode determines how the territory gateway populates and maintains this subscription list.
*In dynamic forwarding mode, a territory gateway maintains the subscription list for a remote territory based on subscription events that the remote territory gateway issues when clients in its territory add and drop subscriptions to a document type that the territories share. Broker Servers earlier than version 6.5 use only dynamic forwarding mode.
*In static forwarding mode, a territory gateway automatically populates the subscription list based on the document types that the territory gateway is permitted to forward to the remote territory. Static forwarding mode is the default mode in Broker Servers 6.5 and later.
In static mode, it is important to configure the allow-forward permissions carefully. If the list includes document types for which there are no actual subscribers in the remote territory, those documents will be forwarded to the remote territory unnecessarily, wasting processing time, queue space, and network bandwidth. For information about configuring the allow-forward permissions, see Specifying which Documents Types Territories Can Exchange.
If you are running a Broker Server that supports both modes, we strongly recommend that you use static forwarding mode (the default). It is less prone to subscription propagation failures relating to network outages and timing factors.
*To view or configure the forwarding mode
1. In My webMethods: Messaging >  Broker  Territories > Territory Gateways.
2. Click Details for the territory gateway whose forwarding option you want to view or configure.
3. On the Configuration tab, enable or disable the Static Gateway Forwarding option.
If the territory gateway is running on a Broker Server that does not support static territory gateway forwarding, you will not be able to enable this option.