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Viewing and Modifying the Keep-Alive Setting
Use the following procedure to view or modify the keep-alive setting.
*To view or modify the keep-alive setting
1. In My webMethods, Messaging >  Broker  Territories > Territory Gateways.
2. Click Details for the territory gateway whose keep-alive setting you want to configure.
3. On the Configuration tab, examine the Keep Alive Interval field. It will display either the amount of time between keep-alive events, in seconds, or the word "Disabled" if the keep-alive feature is not activated.
4. If you want to modify or disable the keep-alive setting, do the following:
a. Click the current Keep Alive Interval value to display the Territory Gateway Change Keep Alive Interval page.
b. In Keep Alive Interval (seconds), specify the frequency at which you want the territory gateway to publish keep-alive messages. Specify zero seconds if you want to disable the keep-alive feature.
c. Click OK.