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Using Territory Gateway Filters
Filtering Documents
Filter Rules
Filter Operators
A filter string specifies criteria for the contents of a document. The Broker uses the filter string to determine which documents match your criteria and allows only those documents that match the filter string to pass through the territory gateway.
You apply a filter string to document types that a territory gateway can receive from a remote territory.
*To place a filter on a document type
1. In My webMethods: Messaging >  Broker  Territories > Territory Gateways.
2. In the Territory Gateways List, locate the gateway that you want to configure and click Details.
3. Click the Shared Document Types tab.
4. In the list of the document types that the territory gateway is permitted to receive, click Edit Filter for the document type that you want to filter.
5. In the Filter text box, type a filter string that specifies the criteria that identifies which documents this territory gateway can forward to the remote territory. For information about specifying a filter string, see Filtering Documents.
6. Click OK.
The filter appears in the Filter column in the Allow Receive table.