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Defining One Side of a Territory Gateway Pair
Use the following procedure to create one side of a territory gateway connection.
*To define one side of the territory gateway pair
1. In My webMethods: Messaging >  Broker  Territories > Territory Gateways.
2. Click Add.
3. Click the Create Gateway tab, and complete the following fields.
In this field...
Do the following...
Local Territory
Select the Broker on which you want the territory gateway created.
Remote Territory
Specify the name of the territory with which this territory gateway will exchange documents. Type the name exactly as it is defined in the other territory. This value is case sensitive.
Example: OrdersTerritory
Remote  Broker Server
Specify the host name and port number of the Broker Server that hosts (or will eventually host) the remote territory gateway. (The remote territory gateway does not have to exist at this point, but your territory gateway must know where the remote territory gateway will eventually reside.)
Remote  Broker
Specify the name of the Broker that will host the territory gateway in the remote territory.
Example: Orders
4. Click Create.