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Inserting Documents
After you build the list of documents to add to queue, you can insert the documents into the queue. Keep the following points in mind before inserting documents into a queue:
*You must lock the queue before inserting documents. For more information, see Locking and Unlocking the Forwarding Queue.
*You can insert any documents listed on the Insert Documents view of the Browse Queue tab.
*When you insert a document in the forwarding queue, you are adding it at the tail end of the queue.
*Broker inserts the documents into the queue in the same order in which the documents appear on the Insert Documents view of the Browse Queue tab. You use the buttons in the Move Up and Move Down columns to change the order of the documents.
*To insert documents into a forwarding queue
1. Navigate to the Forwarding Queue Browser page. For more information, see Navigating to the Forwarding Queue Browser Page.
2. In the Forwarding Queue Browser page, click Insert Documents.
3. Select the check box for each document you want to insert into the queue.
4. Click Insert to Queue.