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Browsing a Forwarding Queue
Filtering Forwarding Queue Contents while Browsing
To view the contents of a forwarding queue for remote Broker, you browse the queue. When you browse a forwarding queue, you retrieve a list of documents from the queue. For each document, My webMethods displays the acknowledgement status of the document, the document size, and the document sequence number.
For example, you might want to browse a forwarding queue to verify whether a sales order was routed to the proper remote Broker. Or, if a remote Broker continually crashes when attempting to process a document from its forwarding queue, you might want to browse the queue to obtain more information about the document and possibly delete the document.
By using My webMethods you can browse both unlocked, and locked forwarding queues.
*To browse the forwarding queue contents for a remote Broker
While browsing the forwarding queue contents for a remote Broker that resides in a remote territory (or remote cluster) across a gateway, keep in mind that you must select the gateway in such a way that the forwarding queue resides on the local territory's (or cluster's) Broker and will belong to the remote territory's (or cluster's) Broker across the gateway.
1. Navigate to the Forwarding Queue Browser page. For more information, see: Navigating to the Forwarding Queue Browser Page.
2. On the Forwarding Queue Browser page, specify values for the queue browser settings.
For configuring this field...
Start Position
The location in the forwarding queue where you want to begin browsing.
The default is 0 (the first document in the queue).
Number of Documents
The number of documents that you want to view at one time.
The default is 10 documents.
The time (in seconds) that My webMethods waits for the set of documents to be returned. When the specified time elapses, a time-out exception is thrown.
The default is 30 seconds.
3. If you want to create (or edit) filters while viewing the forwarding queue content, click Yes next to Document Type Filters. Yes indicates that filters will be used to limit the number of documents for browsing. For more information about using filters when browsing a forwarding queue, see Filtering Forwarding Queue Contents while Browsing.
4. Click Start to browse the first set of documents.
The Document Types list displays the following information about each document in the queue.
Document Type
The document type for the document. Click the document type name to view document content.
Ack Status
Indicates whether or not the document has been retrieved by the remote Broker.
*Available. The document is available for retrieval by the remote Broker.
*Unacked. The remote Broker retrieved the document but has not yet acknowledged the document.
Sequence Number
Receipt sequence number for the document. The forwarding queue assigns this number to the document when it is placed in the queue. The sequence number is unique within the forwarding queue.
Size of the document measured in bytes.
5. If necessary, do one or more of the following to view more documents in the forwarding queue or view information about a specific document in the forwarding queue:
*Click Next Set to retrieve the next group of documents in the forwarding queue.
*Click the document type name to view document and document envelope content.
For information about saving documents in a queue to file, see Saving the Forwarding Queue Documents to a File.