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Creating Document Types
Document types can be created on Broker in one of the following ways.
*A developer uses Software AG Designer to define a document type and mark it as publishable. For each publishable document type created using Designer, Integration Server automatically registers a corresponding document type on the Broker. For more information about creating publishable document types, see the Software AG Designer Online Help.
*A developer can create a document type using the Broker client APIs. For more information, refer to one of the client API programming guides.
*A developer can add a JMS topic as a Broker document type through My webMethods. For more information about adding topics, see About Creating Destinations.
*Other webMethods components add document types to support their underlying system processes.
A document type must exist on the Broker before clients can publish instances of that type. The name of the document type, which must be unique within a Broker (and among all Brokers with which that Broker interacts), is carried by all documents of its type.
In previous versions of Broker, document types were called event types and instances of document types were called events. You may still see these terms in documentation that relates to the underlying Broker API.