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Viewing Document Types on a Broker
Using My webMethods, you can view a list of the document types on a Broker. You can display all the document types or you can filter the list of document types to see only those that meet specific criteria. For example, you might want to view only those document types that contain the word "Adapter" in their name.
*To view documents types on a Broker
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Server s > Document Types.
2. On the Document Types page, in the text box on the Search tab, type the keywords contained in the document types that you want to find. For example, you might specify
*The complete name of the document type (for example, Customer1::Order::Received)
*A partial document type name (for example, Received or wm::is) to select all document types that contain the provided text.
If you leave the text box blank, My webMethods searches for all the document types on the specified Broker. For more information about using the search facility, see Working with My webMethods.
3. Select the Broker Server and Broker whose document types you want to view by doing the following:
In this field...
Server Name
Fully-qualified name of the Broker Server: hostname:port
If the Broker Server has the default port of 6849, only the Broker Server hostname will appear.
Broker Name
Name of the Broker as defined on the Broker Server.
4. Click Go to execute the search. My webMethods displays the search results in the Document Type List tab.
The following table describes the contents of the Document Type List.
Document Type
Fully qualified name of the document type in the following format: folderName::documentTypeName
Broker @Server
Name of the Broker Server on which the document type resides: Broker ServerName@hostname:port
Storage Type
Storage type of the document type as follows:
*Guaranteed. Documents of this type are stored on disk. This is the default value.
*Volatile. Documents of this type are stored in memory.
For more information, see Document Type Storage Types.
A brief description of the document type.
Date and time the document type was created.
5. You can view information for a specific document type by clicking on its name in this list of document types. For more information, see Viewing Document Type Configuration Information.
To view an updated list of document types, click Go on the Search tab.