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How Brokers Synchronize Metadata
To function as one logical Broker, all the Brokers in a cluster must have identical document-type and client-group information.
When a Broker initially joins a cluster, its document types and client groups (including ACL settings) are synchronized with the other Brokers in the cluster. The clients are not a part of the Broker metadata. The cluster does not synchronize the client state information across the Brokers in the cluster.
After a Broker becomes a member of a cluster, it is responsible for notifying its peers of any changes that occur to its document types or client groups. When a Broker in a cluster receives such notification, it immediately applies the change to its own metadata. Because these metadata changes are self-propagating, you can make a change to a document type or client group on any Broker and that change will automatically be applied to all Brokers in the cluster.
Because it takes a certain amount of time for a change to propagate across the entire cluster, if two administrators make a change to the same object on two different Brokers at nearly the same time, it is possible that one administrator's changes will be overwritten by the other's. To avoid this possibility, we suggest that you appoint a single administrator to manage updates to the document type and client group metadata for the cluster.