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Viewing a List of Known Clusters
You can use the following procedure to view a list of the clusters that are known to the Broker Servers that you are managing (that is, the Broker Servers that appear in your Broker Server List in My webMethods).
*To view the list of known clusters
*In My webMethods, select: Messaging >  Broker  Clusters > Cluster  Broker s.
The Broker  Clusters List displays a list of known clusters and their known members. (This page might take a few moments to load while My webMethods scans all known Broker Servers and Brokers for clusters.)
The Brokers listed under each cluster do not necessarily represent the complete membership of the cluster. If member Brokers reside on Broker Servers that are not in your Broker Server List, those Brokers will not appear in the list.
Cluster> Broker @Server
The name of the Broker and the Broker Server on which it resides. Click the name to display details about the Remote Broker objects on this Broker.
The state of the Broker as described in Viewing Basic Operating Statistics for the Broker .
The number of clients currently defined on this Broker. This number includes explicit-destroy clients that are not currently connected.
Recent Deliveries or Total Deliveries
*Recent Deliveries displays the number of publish or deliver requests this Broker received during the last statistics collection interval. The value of the Time interval between statistical refresh field specifies the statistics collection interval.
Note:Recent Deliveries data is available only if you have selected Enable Statistical Polling.
*Total Deliveries displays the total number of publish or deliver requests this Broker received.
Note:Total Deliveries data is available only if you do not select Enable Statistical Polling.
The list of cluster gateways, if any, that are hosted by this Broker.