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Requirements Checklist
Before you can create a cluster, make sure the following requirements are met:
*The domain name service (DNS) used by the host machines that participate in the cluster must be capable of bi-directional name resolution. This means that your DNS must be able to resolve the name of the host machine to the correct IP address and also be able to resolve the machine's IP address back to the correct name.
When a host machine uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to dynamically obtain its IP address, many DNS servers will not return the correct name for a given IP address. In this case, you must contact your IT department or your network administrator and ask that a static IP address be assigned to the host machine.
*Each Broker must have a name that is unique within the cluster.
*Each cluster must have a unique name.
*A Broker must not belong to another cluster. To become part of the new cluster, it must first leave its current cluster. (For similar reasons, you cannot merge clusters. To create a single cluster where two existed before, the Brokers in one cluster must leave it and then join the second cluster.)
*All Broker Servers that participate in the cluster must have the same SSL capabilities. That is, they must all be SSL-enabled or non-SSL enabled.