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Creating a Cluster Gateway when You Control Both Sides
Defining the Cluster Gateway Pair
It is easiest to configure a cluster gateway if you control both sides of the gateway. In this case, My webMethods can do much of the work for you. You only have to create one side of the cluster gateway. My webMethods automatically creates and configures its counterpart in the remote cluster.
There are two major steps in creating a cluster gateway pair using this procedure.
1. First, you must create the cluster gateway pair as described in Defining the Cluster Gateway Pair.
2. Next, you must configure the list of document types that the clusters are permitted to exchange as described in Specifying which Documents the Cluster Gateway Can Forward and Receive.
Before you begin this procedure, verify that you have administrative access to all Broker Servers in the pair of clusters that will host the cluster gateway. These Broker Servers must appear in your Broker Server List and you must have authority to administer all of them if they are protected by ACL.
If you have access to Broker Servers in only one of the pair of clusters, you must configure the cluster gateway by using the procedures in Creating a Cluster Gateway when You Control Only One Side. An administrator with access to the Broker Server that will host the other cluster gateway must use the same procedure to create your cluster gateway's counterpart in the remote cluster.