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Connecting Multiple Clusters with Cluster Gateways
You can connect a cluster to multiple clusters to build a network of multiple clusters. For example, you can have a cluster gateway between Cluster1 and Cluster2, as well as additional gateways from Cluster1 to other clusters. For example, if you want to connect Cluster1 to Cluster2 and Cluster3, you create and configure two cluster gateways on Cluster1: cluster gateway Cluster1>Cluster2 and cluster gateway Cluster1>Cluster3.
If you use cluster gateways to link multiple clusters, be aware that the set of connected clusters must form a graph that has no cycles (that is, a path that traverses the graph should not be able to return to its beginning). Visually, an acceptable graph looks like a tree.
The following figure shows a graph that crosses the boundary between two administrative domains. With the correct permissions set at each cluster gateway, client 1 and client A can exchange documents with each other.