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Blocking Document Types Individually
Use the following procedure to configure a cluster gateway to refuse an individual document type update.
*To view or configure a cluster gateway to refuse individual document type update
1. In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Clusters > Cluster Gateways.
2. Click Details for the cluster gateway whose document types you want to view or configure.
3. Click the Shared Document Types tab.
4. Click the Allow Forward tab.
5. Under Document Types, select the document types for which you want to configure the Refuse Update option, and then click the Refuse Update button.
6. To determine whether the cluster gateway currently accepts or rejects updates for the document type, examine the value (Yes or No) in the Refuse Updates column.
7. If you want to change the document type's Refuse Update setting, do the following:
a. Select the check box beside the document type whose update option you want to change.
b. Click Refuse Update or Accept Update, depending on whether you want the cluster gateway to reject or accept updates made to the selected document type.