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Refusing Document Type Updates from a Remote Cluster Gateway
Blocking Document Types Globally
Blocking Document Types Individually
Clusters that are connected by a gateway automatically exchange and apply updates to the document types that they are configured to exchange. For example, if cluster A is configured to receive a document type "CancelOrder" from cluster B, and an administrator in either cluster modifies that document type, the change is automatically propagated to the other cluster.
If you want your cluster gateway to block document type changes from the remote cluster, you can enable the Refuse All Shared Document Type Updates option. When this option is enabled and the remote cluster publishes a change to a document type, the following occurs:
*The document type change is rejected by the cluster gateway and the document type is marked "out of sync."
*An alert is written to the log file associated with the Broker Servers in the clusters on which the cluster gateway is running.
*The cluster gateway halts inbound traffic (that is, it stops retrieving all documents from the remote cluster).
When a cluster gateway enters this condition, it will not resume accepting documents until one of the following occurs:
*The cluster gateway's document type is updated to match the document type on the remote cluster.
*The remote cluster modifies its document type to match the document type on this cluster gateway.
You can block document type updates globally or individually.